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The Original Baker's Dozen
10th International Collage Exchange

(an ISACA and IMCAC Exchange)

Deadline March 21, 2007

Artists each make UP TO  13 collages, size 9" X 12" (inches), and send them to Fort Worth, Texas, to arrive by March 21th, 2007
(you may also send as few as one)
Packages that arrive too late for the exchange will be held for the next exchange.


THEME: open

One collage is retained to be part of the permanent collection of the IMCAC, while remaining permanently on exhibition on the Museum's Internet site and exhibited in an exhibition at the Museum in 2007.
The other 12 are distributed into parcels which are sent back to each contributing artist. So you send 13 of yours, get back 12 of others.
Certain works from the various exchanges will be selected for representing the Museum's flagship collection to be used for traveling exhibitions and as such will be framed in matching museum frames as funds are available. This prestigious flagship collection will be chosen by the director as being among the finest works in the collection and promoted as important examples of 21st century collage art.


Make UP TO 13 collages, on 9" X 12"  (actual collage area may  be smaller, but the 9" X 12"  outer size makes packaging easier and less prone to damage).

  • Your collages: write on the back of each: your name, this inventory #:  BD#10-0307, title of work, name & address , email address (and the URL of your own web site if you've got one and want it listed)
  • On a sheet of paper your name & address , email address and phone number (and the URL of your own web site if you've got one and want it listed)
  • If you want to select which one go to the IMCAC indicate in  a letter.
  • Please feel free to include a folder on yourself with materials about your work to keep on file at the Museum or to send updated materials.
  • Send $35.00 USD PLUS return shipping cost (specify your preferred method of return) OR include a self addressed stamped envelope LARGE enough for the return of 12 works (it needs to be larger than a 12x9 inch envelope). Can be a check from a US bank, [if you add 4% for the service charge you can use paypal (account:, Visa, Mastercard (name, number and expiration date)]  state clearly on participation form what your paying for.
Additionally, if you only want to donate a work to the museum and not participate in the exchange aspect that is fine too - you need not send any money in that case unless you wish to make a donation or pay for a membership.


Dues paying members of  ISACA or the IMCAC may take a $10.00 discount off the participation fee. Your membership helps to care for and promote the collection. Additional contributions always welcome and needed!


IMCAC - BD10 Exchange
Cecil Touchon
6955 Pinon Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76116
Your package to arrive any time starting now until the deadline March 21, 2007

A package of up to (depending on how many you sent) 12 collages by other artists will be sent to each participating artist by the end of April 2007.

Any questions?
So that we can keep an eye out for your package,
let me know if you're going to take part.

By taking part in this exchange artists are agreeing to allow one of their collages to become part of the permanent collection of the IMCAC.

Copyright of the work remains, as always, with the artist. While the copyright is retained by the artist, your participation in this exchange means that you grant unlimited and free copyright usage of the work donated  to the IMCAC for the Museum's use for educational purposes, publications, publicity, fundraising, etc. as the museum deems appropriate.

The IMCAC shall, at its discretion, keep or dispose of works according to the needs of the collection as it develops which may include selling some works at some point in the future to raise funds for the collection.

The work of the Baker's Dozen exchange in accomplished on a volunteer basis by the founder of the exchange, Cecil Touchon and others who donate their time and effort and resources to help the museum become successful. All money raised during an official Collage Museum exchange is used directly for the museum and its collection. Unfortunately no funds were ever collected by the museum in earlier exchanges completed on the museum's behalf in New Zealand - That exchange has become a private endeavor of Dale Copeland and is not authorized by the IMCAC nor affiliated any longer with the Baker's Dozen Exchanges.

Any additional donations are much appriciated to help us frame and exhibit the best works of the collection and properly store and care for the collection as a whole. Thank you for your kind support and continued participation.