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Past Virtual Exhibitions

collage art, de stijl, constuctivism, constructivist, avant gardeTen Collages - by Cecil Touchon  Currently working from Mexico Touchon focuses on a combination of De Stijlian purity of composition with a humorous inclusion of pop art images set in a trompe-l'oeil spatial environment. >>>
digital photo montageSeveral Recent 'Desktop" collages by Lanny Quarles
Quarles dazzles the eye and confounds the mind with these digital 'desk top' montages that combine visual elements found on the internet. >>>
collage artists, collage artA Recent Visit to James Michael Starr's Studio -   After a number of false starts and minor set backs, I finally got to stop by James Michael's Studio this Summer. We discussed collage and assemblage over a late lunch at a Thai restaurant on Dallas's East side Then a pleasant afternoon in the studio. >>>
assemblage artists, collage artistsIntriguing and humorous ASSEMBLAGE WORKS made from found objects by Dan Levin
assemblage, box artASSEMBLAGE D' ASSEMBLAGE
An Exhibition begun by Dale Copeland in New Zealand of works by various assemblage artists.
mixed media collage paintingIMAGINARY FLIGHT - Ten Recent Works by Richard Fulham
Fulham takes us on a poetic journey where heroic figures from biblical art history find themselves the playthings of cosmic forces and spatial tensions. >>>
Casual Debris: A Legacy
the Objects of  Chicago artist Wayne Bertola. The Latin word "lego" is the root of the word legend, which can be interpreted as "to collect", or "to gather in".  >>>
Photomontages of Keith Wigdor
KSC International Collage Exhibition consisting of twenty-seven collages representing the work of artists from six countries.
Recent Collages by Clarissa Hudson


as/or about Collage and Assemblage and related issues

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Thank you, Cecil Touchon, Director

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Works by Cecil Touchon  (IPDG)
New Non Objective Collage Poetry
Misc. Individual Works  (virtual collection)

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